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Challenges in the unknown are filled with excitement. Just the thought that "this idea might change the world," "it might enrich people's lives," or "it might bring significant impact to society" is incredibly thrilling.

However, at the same time, building and nurturing a business from scratch is extremely difficult. Unexpected difficulties keep popping up, one after another, from funding to hiring, product development, and organizational structure. Even with a meticulous business plan crafted over time, things rarely go as planned.

Money Forward continues to experience high growth, having gone through an IPO in 2017 and multiple M&A involving other startups. The support and lessons received from many entrepreneurs and investors we met along the way serve as a driving force to keep advancing our business. We have also engaged in various initiatives as partners to promote regional economic revitalization, in addition to service collaboration with financial institutions nationwide through open APIs.

In Japan, it's not common for entrepreneurs to also act as investors. However, by sharing the numerous failures, knowledge, and networks they have accumulated, entrepreneurs can make the startup journey even more fruitful. Entrepreneurs and investors are partners in shaping the future. HIRAC FUND aims to share struggles, sweat, and carve out the future together with entrepreneurs.

Our Investment Policy


HIRAC FUND's Strengths

  • Run by Entrepreneurs to Support Entrepreneurs

HIRAC FUND is a fund created with the purpose of supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. We share the know-how of entrepreneurs who have overcome the hard things in entrepreneurship, grown, and are still at the forefront of business management.

  • Entrepreneur Community

We meet fellow entrepreneurs, learn from each other, and grow together. Through study sessions and networking events, we provide support to promote the growth of entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • Strong Network of the Money Forward Group

We leverage the knowledge and network of the Money Forward Group and external partners to support various collaborations. We also help startups through our MoneyForward Lab, which utilizes data to solve technical problems.

Investment Target: Private companies aiming to solve social issues through technology.

Investment Focus Area: Primarily within Japan, with some investments in overseas companies.

Company Profile


Money Forward Venture Partners, Inc.

Representatives                    Satoshi Furuhashi, Naoya Kanesaka

​Director                            Yosuke Tsuji

Established                         25 May 2020

Business Activities                   Fundraising, Fund Operation

​Address                            21F Tamachi Station Tower S, 3-1-21 Shibaura,                                                                Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023

Invoice Registration Number T1010401153031

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